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Captain Tom’s Marine & Charter Services, LLC

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People who purchase boats occasionally feel intimidated by the size of their new boat, or the fact that they now are using twin engines instead of the single engine they are familiar with.

Or, maybe you have gone from an out drive or outboard to an inboard boat and are concerned about the difference in maneuverability. Don’t allow any of this to overwhelm you.

Just purchase a new boat?

Boat Handling

A little hands on training may be just what you need!

Capt. Tom has been helping people become comfortable with their new boats for over 16 years.

 In as little as 4 hours you can build your confidence with one-on-one training. The training is conducted on your boat at your marina. You learn by, using a systematic method, allowing you to develop your skills to the point where you will feel comfortable increasing your skills on your own.

In addition to the hands-on close quarters maneuvering, we will cover basic vessel systems operation and maintenance if requested, and you may find some of our "Boatingisims" very helpful.

Additional training on boat systems is also available

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We provide new owner training which satisfies the requirements for most insurance providers.

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