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Captain Tom’s Marine & Charter Services, LLC

 Need your boat delivered to a location on the east coast? We supply reliable safe boat delivery anywhere on the east coast.

Our Captains are U. S. Coast Guard Licensed Masters, with years of boating experience. Call or e-mail us for more information.

Captain Tom has over 30 years boating experience, and is concerned about your boats safe delivery.

We are now using both "SPOT" and Garmin “InReach” which allow you to track your vessel, on your computer, during the entire delivery process.

Boat Deliveries

Delivery Experience

Recent Boat Deliveries

57'  Motor Yacht from SC to MD

44'  Express boat form MD to RI

45' Motor Yacht from VA to MD

50'  Sailboat from VA to CT

33'  Egg Harbor from VA to GA

38' Express boat from Norfolk VA to Solomon MD

38'  Express boat from SC to VA

50'  Crew Boat from Washington DC to Venice, LA

35' Express Boat from Norfolk VA to Charles Town MD

32'  Trojan from SC to VA

45'  Motor Yacht from NC to MD

35' Trawler from Norfolk VA to Stamford CT

44'  Motor Yacht from NC to MD

37'  Motor Yacht from NC to VA

39' Motor Yacht from Norfolk VA to Charleston SC

32'  Trawler from VA to MD

41'  Motor Yacht form VA to Panama City, FL

33' Albermarle from Cape Fear NC to Norfolk VA

41’  Express boat form VA to CT

37'  Motor Yacht form VA to Tampa, FL

42' Chris Craft from Norfolk VA to New Bern NC

47 ' Express boat form VA to MD

42 '  Motor Yacht from VA to MD

37' Tayang Ketch from Galesville MD to

Chesapeake VA

47'  Express boat form MD to VA

35 ' Motor Yacht from Norfolk to Baltimore, MD

44’  Sedan Yacht from Norfolk VA to

Kent Narrows MD

35'  Cal Sailboat from Norfolk to Beaufort, NC

Over 20 years experience moving vessels ranging from 28' to 65' up and down the East Coast for local dealers and owners.

1972 - 1977

Off shore Florida Keys

1978 - 1981

Off-shore Jacksonville, Florida

1981 - 1984

Off-shore Guam

1985 - 1989

Narragansett Bay and off-shore Newport, Rhode Island

1989 - 1992

Cooper River and off-shore Charleston, SC

1992 - 1995

Gulf Coast of Mississippi

1995 - Present

Chesapeake Bay and off-shore Virginia (Sailing Charters and Diving Charters)

2001 - 2006  

Deliver new boats and instruct new owners in boat systems and close quarter maneuvering for local Yacht Dealer

2005 - 2007

Captain 48' salvage vessel on Southern Chesapeake Bay and costal waters off  Virginia

2008 - 2011

Captain 65' Viking Motor Yacht on southern Chesapeake Bay and costal waters off Virginia

 2001 - Present

 Delivery Captain for new and used boats along the Southern and Eastern Coast of the United States

 Boat handling training for new boat owners

Boating Experience

For more information, or to receive a quote for a delivery Email: Capt. Tom

In water Vessel Deliveries